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glDeleteFramebuffers — delete framebuffer objects

C Specification

void glDeleteFramebuffers( GLsizei n,
  GLuint *framebuffers);



Specifies the number of framebuffer objects to be deleted.


A pointer to an array containing n framebuffer objects to be deleted.


glDeleteFramebuffers deletes the n framebuffer objects whose names are stored in the array addressed by framebuffers. Unused names in framebuffers that have been marked as used for the purposes of glGenFramebuffers are marked as unused again. The name zero is reserved by the GL and is silently ignored, should it occur in framebuffers, as are other unused names. Once a framebuffer object is deleted, its name is again unused and it has no attachments. If a framebuffer that is currently bound to one or more of the targets GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER or GL_READ_FRAMEBUFFER is deleted, it is as though glBindFramebuffer had been executed with the corresponding target and framebuffer zero.


GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if n is negative.

API Version Support

OpenGL ES API Version
Function Name 2.0 3.0 3.1
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