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glDeleteRenderbuffers — delete named renderbuffer objects

C Specification

void glDeleteRenderbuffers(GLsizei n,
 const GLuint * renderbuffers);



Specifies the number of renderbuffer objects to be deleted.


Specifies an array of renderbuffer objects to be deleted.


glDeleteRenderbuffers deletes n renderbuffer objects named by the elements of the array renderbuffers. After a renderbuffer object is deleted, it has no contents, and its name is free for reuse (for example by glGenRenderbuffers).

If a renderbuffer object that is currently bound is deleted, the binding reverts to 0 (the absence of any renderbuffer object). Additionally, special care must be taken when deleting a renderbuffer object if the image of the renderbuffer is attached to a framebuffer object. In this case, if the deleted renderbuffer object is attached to the currently bound framebuffer object, it is automatically detached. However, attachments to any other framebuffer objects are the responsibility of the application.

glDeleteRenderbuffers silently ignores 0's and names that do not correspond to existing renderbuffer objects.


GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if n is negative.

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