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intBitsToFloat, uintBitsToFloat — produce a floating point using an encoding supplied as an integer


genType intBitsToFloat( genIType x);
genType uintBitsToFloat( genUType x);



Specifies the bit encoding to return as a floating point value.


intBitsToFloat and uintBitsToFloat return the encoding passed in parameter x as a highp floating-point value. If the encoding of a NaN is passed in x, it will not signal and the resulting value will be undefined. If the encoding of a floating point infinity is passed in parameter x, the resulting floating-point value is the corresponding (positive or negative) floating point infinity. For lowp and mediump, the value is first converted to the corresponding signed or unsigned highp integer and then reinterpreted as a highp floating point value as before.

Version Support

OpenGL ES Shading Language Version
Function Name 1.00 3.00 3.10
intBitsToFloat -
uintBitsToFloat -
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