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glGetVertexAttribPointerv — return the address of the specified generic vertex attribute pointer

C Specification

void glGetVertexAttribPointerv( GLuint index,
  GLenum pname,
  GLvoid **pointer);



Specifies the generic vertex attribute parameter to be returned.


Specifies the symbolic name of the generic vertex attribute parameter to be returned. Must be GL_VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_POINTER.


Returns the pointer value.


glGetVertexAttribPointerv returns pointer information. index is the generic vertex attribute to be queried, pname is a symbolic constant indicating the pointer to be returned, and params is a pointer to a location in which to place the returned data.

The pointer returned is a byte offset into the data store of the buffer object that was bound to the GL_ARRAY_BUFFER target (see glBindBuffer) when the desired pointer was previously specified.


The state returned is retrieved from the currently bound vertex array object. If the zero object is bound, the value is queried from client state.

The initial value for each pointer is 0.


GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if index is greater than or equal to GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS.

GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if pname is not an accepted value.

Associated Gets

glGet with argument GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS

API Version Support

OpenGL ES API Version
Function Name 2.0 3.0 3.1
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