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outerProduct — calculate the outer product of a pair of vectors


mat2 outerProduct( vec2 c,
vec2 r);
mat3 outerProduct( vec3 c,
vec3 r);
mat4 outerProduct( vec4 c,
vec4 r);
mat2x3 outerProduct( vec3 c,
vec2 r);
mat3x2 outerProduct( vec2 c,
vec3 r);
mat2x4 outerProduct( vec4 c,
vec2 r);
mat4x2 outerProduct( vec2 c,
vec4 r);
mat3x4 outerProduct( vec4 c,
vec3 r);
mat4x3 outerProduct( vec3 c,
vec4 r);



Specifies the parameter to be treated as a column vector.


Specifies the parameter to be treated as a row vector.


outerProduct treats the first parameter c as a column vector (matrix with one column) and the second parameter r as a row vector (matrix with one row) and does a linear algebraic matrix multiply c * r, yielding a matrix whose number of rows is the number of components in c and whose number of columns is the number of components in r.

Version Support

OpenGL ES Shading Language Version
Function Name 1.00 3.00 3.10
outerProduct (float) -

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