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imageSize — retrieve the dimensions of an image


int imageSize( gimage1D image);
ivec2 imageSize( gimage2D image);
ivec3 imageSize( gimage3D image);
ivec2 imageSize( gimageCube image);
ivec3 imageSize( gimageCubeArray image);
ivec2 imageSize( gimageRect image);
ivec2 imageSize( gimage1DArray image);
ivec3 imageSize( gimage2DArray image);
int imageSize( gimageBuffer image);
ivec2 imageSize( gimage2DMS image);
ivec3 imageSize( gimage2DMSArray image);



Specifies the image to which the texture whose dimensions to retrieve is bound.


imageSize returns the dimensions of the image bound to image. The components in the return value are filled in, in order, with the width, height and depth of the image. For the array forms, the last component of the return value is the number of layers in the texture array.

Version Support

OpenGL ES Shading Language Version
Function Name 1.00 3.00 3.10
imageSize - -
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